Day by day you are creating your business and turning on work‘s carousel, so you even have no time to think about whether you are moving towards your goal. TAKE A BREAK! Make sure you offer the best value to your customer.

Together we will:

  • Evaluate current situation;

  • Find your competitive advantage;

  • Create marketing and communication strategy;

  • Prepare action plan;

  • Advise on implementation.


You move straight toward higher business results!


You have a great product / service, but don’t participate in business or public tenders, as have doubts because of complex requirements, processes, various certificates, declarations and so on. Alternatively, you initiate public tenders, but you don’t have enough resources? Open new opportunities.

​If you are selling, together with your team we will:

  • Analyze RFI and RFP documents;

  • Prepare summary of requirements;

  • Help to prepare bid documents.

If you are buying, we will:

  • Help to prepare technical requirements for purchase.

You will open up new business opportunities!

Business Content Creation

You have a great offer, you are fluent in the meetings, but the potential customer does not hear you. Why? You probably talk too complexly. WE WILL HELP! We will translate your professional content into the client's language, showing product value and your opportunities.

According to your needs, we will:

  • Create presentations;

  • Renew WWW content;

  • Prepare product‘s descriptions;

  • Prepare proposals;

  • Prepare communication recommendations.


You will communicate with customers and pursue your goals!


"The story is created by the winners," Sir Winston Churchill said. Small daily winnings and learned lessons lead us ahead, and valuable companions allow us to reach the goal faster. We propose you travel together and turn our common experience into a business success.

I am Asta Ulė, European Marketing Confederation EMSQ certified business marketing manager and online marketing practitioner, has been working in the fields marketing and project management for more than 15 years in Lithuanian, European, African, Asian and Latin American markets.

I am helping businesses to identify their strengths, to show value to customers, to build customer centric communication and to achieve their goals (increase revenues). I am mostly experienced in Information & Communication Technologies (ITC) and Finance sectors.

We all go to the digital future, consequently Digital Marketing/Communication and Project/Product Management will play important role as complex solutions require managing the interests of different stakeholders, being open to changes in the context, and, of course, being recognizable and valuable for THE BIG BOSS - CUSTOMER.

All this experience and accumulated knowledge are the basis that allows to offer you services that will help to achieve your goals faster. For more complex projects, we bring together a team of professionals.

Let's work together!


Ksistof Ledichov
 Sales director

RFI/RFP requirements analysis + risk evaluation + project management + documents creation from white sheet + experience = high probability win tender! I recommend. 



"Mediafon Datapro"

Marija Vilciauskaite

Excellent insights, organizational skills and great help for preparation to the international conference. Valuable recommendations for communication, visualization and content. Constructive work with the team.

"Mediafon Carrier Services"

Tomas Sinicki

The conducted market research was structured and informative. Based on the research insights, it was easy to make business decisions. I recommend ULE to everybody who needs marketing services.


Ruta Sinkeviciute
Managing director

Consulting and valuable advises for marketing strategy and content creation, communication  + benevolent attitude allowed to work efficiently. I and my team were pleased work together.



"TCG Telecom"


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Thank you for request!